Aging plant

Proactive integrity management of aging plants

Next-generation technologies to manage aging plants more proactively are discussed. An analysis of advantages and disadvantages of current (reactive) technologies is provided, and then some of the latest technologies are discussed with a focus on measuring material properties in-situ. These type of measurements, combined with continuous monitoring approaches, hold potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness and accuracy of integrity management programs. Read more...
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Media kit 2017

NLMK hot-tests PCI at Lipetsk

NLMK Group, an international steelmaking company with operations in Russia, the USA and European Union,...
27 June 2017

Duke Energy and Siemens agreement on gas turbines

Lower customer costs, regional economic growth, increased efficiency and flexibility are potential benefits...
26 June 2017
MAP Media Kit 2017Hose and Couplings on MAP

Honeywell purchase Nextnine to enhance cyber security

Honeywell has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Nextnine, a privately held...
23 June 2017

AkzoNobel’s expansion of US R&D facilities in Houston

AkzoNobel has completed the EUR 2.6 M (USD 3.5 M) expansion of its US research and development facilities...
22 June 2017


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Aging Plants
Aging Plants
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TWI & Aging Plants
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ECA Group delivers Pipe Cruiser in Middle East by June

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of an exhaustive Pipe Cruiser system.The system will be used by a Public Water and Sewerage operator based in Middle East and will permit the inspection of sewers pipes and drawing a diagnosis of hydraulic and structural conditions of networks.ECA...
21 June 2017

DEWA signs OPSA contract with Siemens

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has signed a 12-year Operating Plant Service Agreement (OPSA) with German company Siemens, worth AED 1.7 B. The contract includes providing maintenance, spare parts and gas turbine rehabilitation for the second phase of K-Station at Jebel Ali Power and Desalination...
20 June 2017

Nukem transferred SWTSFs to Ignalina NPP

On June 9 2017, Nukem Technologies has transferred Solid Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities (SWTSFs B2,3,4) to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant to conduct the hot tests. Lithuanian state nuclear power safety inspectorate (VATESI) has further issued a license for SWTSF operation and radioactive waste...
19 June 2017

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