Hempel’s epoxy linings available in Europe

12 July 2017

Hempel’s new Hempaline Defend epoxy linings are now also available in Europe to protect steel and concrete tanks in challenging and highly corrosive environments. As a single coat system, they ensure assets are returned to service in as little as 24 hours without any reduction in performance.

This new range of linings is a simple choice for heavy duty protection in aggressive environments, reducing the time an asset is taken offline for maintenance.

The range offers an excellent protection for storage and process vessels against high temperatures and aggressive cargos; high-build single-coat system that allows a vessel to be returned to service quickly; 100% solids for a VOC-free and low-odour solution; and option of glass flake-reinforced products for tank bottoms

In addition, Hempel will be launching its Hempaline Defend vinyl ester linings range in Europe later this year. These coatings are designed specifically for application in acidic environments, neutralisation areas and sumps.