An upswing in valve exports shows a positive year

08 March 2018

The past year was a successful year for German manufacturers of industrial valves. In 2017, they registered a nominal increase in orders of 11% and a growth in turnover of 4% in comparison with 2016. Economic activity has gathered momentum again for industrial valves, following the stagnation of incoming orders in 2016 and a slight decline in turnover. The Eurozone in particular, an important export market for German industrial valves, is back on track for growth after years of crisis. In 2017, sales increased by 7%. The considerable increase in orders from non-European countries was particularly pleasing: German industrial valve manufacturers recorded growth of 16%. Turnover increased by 2% for the domestic market.

In the individual product groups recorded statistically by VDMA, sales were consistent in their positive development in 2017. Manufacturers of regulating valves registered a nominal increase in sales of 8%. Turnover for safety and monitoring valves increased by 5%, and growth was moderate for shut-off valves at 2%.

Overall, capacity utilisation is at a high level in the industrial valve sector at 93%. Thus, the German Valve Manufacturers Association is expecting a nominal sales growth of 4% for 2018.