MMK to revamp hot strip mill 2500

10 April 2018

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), Russia, has commissioned SMS group to revamp hot strip mill 2500 at its plant in Magnitogorsk. The order includes the extensive modernization of the finishing train equipment and the installation of a new automation system.

Revamp hot strip mill 2500

As part of the modernization, the finishing stands will be fitted with new hydraulic adjustment systems and work roll bending systems. These powerful adjustment actuators will enable MMK to produce strip within close geometrical tolerances. In addition, SMS group is to renew the drive technology in the finishing train and will supply six main drives. SMS group will also install new work and backup roll changing equipment and a new high-pressure hydraulic system for the finishing stands.

The plant automation system will include the Level 1 systems, process models such as the Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC) for the roughing and finishing stands, Profile, Contour and Flatness Control (PCFC®), Cooling Section Control (CSC), a pacing system for the entire hot strip mill, the X-Pact® Vision operating and visualization system, and an extensive range of measuring equipment and technology. SMS group will perform a Plug & Work test on the automation system before the revamp.