Advanced drones at Torrevaldaliga Nord PP

06 June 2018

Enel has inaugurated at its Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant an innovative system that uses drones to support the operation, maintenance and protection of the plant, through solutions developed by two Israeli start-ups, Convexum and Percepto.

Convexum and Percepto

The new platform consists of technological solutions developed by two Israeli start-ups partnering with Enel, which entered in contact with the Group through the network of Innovation Hubs Enel operates in various areas in Italy and abroad.

The start-up CONVEXUM has developed a system which can prevent unauthorised drones from flying over the plant.

The start-up PERCEPTO has developed a drone capable of performing automated flight missions using sensors and computer vision algorithms and providing support for plant inspection and surveillance activities. The drone is controlled from the plant’s operating room, where it is possible to have a complete real-time view of the entire area covered by flight operations. The drone uses sensors to collect large amounts of images that are analysed in real time by using advanced video analysis algorithms.