Hitachi tests it’s AI-driven service platform

13 June 2018

Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) has announced its development of a service platform that utilizes AI and other advanced digital technologies to automatically propose optimal repair work for various types of industrial machinery. Hitachi will be commencing joint demonstrative testing in collaboration with its US subsidiary Sullair, LLC (Sullair). Specifically, Hitachi will verify its performance and advance the development of related applications through applying the service platform to air compressors at Sullair’s own factories and those in use by Sullair customers.

Sullair LLC

Moving forward, Hitachi will carry out joint demonstrative testing together with other partner companies in addition to Sullair in order to achieve the practical commercialization of the service platform as soon as possible; and launch a maintenance & repair Service with the service platform at its core.

By introducing the service platform, manufacturers of industrial machinery will be able to make advance preparations for repair work based on the content of suggestions made by the service platform before their service personnel head to the actual site of the breakdown, thereby minimizing the need for backtracking, even in the case of already-installed machinery not equipped with IoT devices. As a result, manufacturers will be able to simultaneously increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of their repair services, enabling them to enhance their maintenance service business operations. This will also enable users to reduce downtime due to the occurrence of machinery breakdowns and minimize lost business opportunities.