Primetals Technologies expands CMS

05 July 2018

Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd. has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to further expand the existing condition monitoring system (CMS). This system was also implemented by Primetals Technologies, in cold rolling mill no. 2 at its Tangshan plant in Hebei Province. In future, the expanded system will also be used for the condition monitoring of two new continuous galvanizing lines supplied by Primetals Technologies. Since 2017, the CMS has been monitoring an existing galvanizing line, a continuous annealing line, and a coupled tandem pickling line in cold rolling mill no. 2. The CMS is intended to increase the availability of the plant, reduce maintenance costs, help to optimize production planning, and provide a consistently high product quality. With cross-plant condition monitoring, Tangshan is taking an important step towards Industry 4.0. The expanded CMS is scheduled to come into operation at the end of 2018.

Condition Monitoring System

The CMS monitors not only the mechanical equipment but also the mechatronic systems and technological controls, process models, and third-party systems. For the expansion of the condition monitoring system, Primetals Technologies will supply sensor packages, servers and special software packages. These include over a hundred permanently installed and mobile packages to measure and analyze vibrations, packages for fast connections to local CPUs, and packages for monitoring the roller tables and data from the basic automation (Level 1). An interface to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for machine data synchronization, work orders and feedback from maintenance activities was also implemented.