Lanner and ProphetStor strategic partnership

05 October 2018

Lanner Electronics (TAIEX 6245) has announced its strategic partnership with ProphetStor Data Services Inc. to co-develop an AI (Artificial Intelligence) – based Predictive Maintenance Service for vCPE/uCPE devices. The joint solution offers hardware failure prediction and resource monitoring capabilities enabled by AI technologies, aiming at improving SD-WAN management and maintenance efficiency for ComSPs.

vCPE/uCPESource: Lanner america

The vCPE/uCPE Predictive Maintenance Service engine by Lanner and ProphetStor is aimed to deliver a higher standard of QoS (Quality of Service) in SD-WAN deployments. The new solution allows remote management of uCPE/vCPE through one single dashboard, where IT staff is able to manage and monitor the hardware status and lifespan of key components of deployed devices. By integrating ProphetStor AI-driven Data Services technology in Lanner vCPE/uCPE, SD-WAN service providers can not only enable remote management and visibility of the distributed devices status, including CPU, memory, storage disks, but also analyze device system logs and hardware anomalies to prevent potential failure and ensure service availability.