Primetals to upgrade Texas steel mill

08 November 2018

Vinton Steel LLC of Vinton, Texas, has signed a contract with Primetals Technologies for an upgrade of its bar mill. The upgrade will enable Vinton to reduce delays, increase productivity, improve bundle quality, and enable the mill to handle the bar up to 80-foot lengths. Start-up is expected for early 2020.

Bar Mill

The project consists of a complete bar handling arrangement from cold shear to product unloading, which includes a 660 short ton cold shear, cold shear run-out table, gauge beam, short bar handling system, bar counting equipment, bundle forming equipment, bundle tying and bundle storage. In addition, Primetals Technologies will supply an optical bar counter with positional layer separation, electrical equipment, automation and installation engineering.

Vinton Steel LLC is a 300,000 short tons per year mini-mill that uses EAF technology to produce various lengths of rebar in sizes from #4 to #18 for the construction industry. It also produces smooth rounds to manufacture grinding balls for the mining industry in sizes that vary from 1-1/2-inch to 4 inches in diameter.