ProSep announces first refinery application

28 November 2018

ProSep has announced the first refinery application in the Middle East of its Multiphase Adjustable Xtreme (MAX+) Mixer.

Max+ unit

The Max+ unit is a unique mixer with integrated injection and mixing capabilities which delivers homogenous mixing of multiphase flows with low-pressure drop over the entire turndown range. Scheduled for delivery in 2019, ProSep’s MAX+ technology exceeds that of traditional static mixers with its unique, fit for purpose design delivering a range of benefits.

Benefits include delivering the same high level of mixing efficiency by facilitating real-time adjustments to match production flow fluctuations; achieving up to 50% wash water utilisation in downstream applications, therefore, increasing desalting efficiency and reducing salinity levels; and, a homogeneous shear force to match process fluid properties for efficient separation resulting in reduced emulsion formation and salt corrosion downstream.