Rolls-Royce sign a modernisation contract

30 November 2018

Rolls-Royce has been awarded a contract by DNMC, the operator of the two reactors of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant in China, to modernise the neutron instrumentation systems. These systems will replace the existing analogue systems provided initially by Rolls-Royce in 1994 by new digital systems using the digital safety nuclear instrumentation & control (I&C) platform of Rolls-Royce, SpinlineĀ®.

Instrumentation & control

The Neutron Instrumentation System is a key system for the safety and availability of nuclear reactors, since it measures the neutron flux of the reactor, and thus continuously and instantly monitors its power, the fluctuations of that power, as well as its axial and radial distribution within the reactor.

This modernisation project consists in the replacement of six electronic cabinets per unit, including conditioning and processing functions. The scope of Rolls-Royce for this project covers the design, manufacturing and supply. The onsite installation will be performed by DNMC under Rolls-Royce supervision.