Valmet and Uni sign a ten-year agreement in Croatia

07 March 2019

Valmet and Uni Viridas have signed a ten-year operation and maintenance agreement for the biomass power plant in Babina Greda, Croatia. The order is included in Valmet's Q1 of 2019 orders received.

The cooperation of the companies started in 2011, and in 2015 Valmet began to operate and maintain the biomass power plant on behalf of the customer.

Valmet’s cooperation with Uni Viridas has been excellent and continuing it is a win-win solution.

During the past few years, Valmet has been able to fulfill the expectations of the customer, and the plant's availability has exceeded agreed targets. For example, there have been minimal unplanned outages and low flue gas emissions, and efficient boiler operations at low fuel and water consumption have been demonstrated. In addition, there haven't been any LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency) or reports from environmental incidents.

Valmet and Uni Viridas will continue their cooperation and maximize the plant's performance until 2029.