mycon supports the cleaning using TubeMaster process

13 March 2019

mycon GmbH supports the cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers during the annual shutdown of a gas producer located in the Gulf region.

TubeMaster process
Source: mycon GmbH

mycon uses the self-developed TubeMaster process for cleaning tubes and tube bundle heat exchangers. One of the focuses is cleaning of Sulphur condensers. In gas production, the Sulphur content could be up to 30% or more. This Sulphur content leads to deposits in the tubes of the heat exchangers and considerable energy losses. mycon supplies TubeMaster systems to the Gulf States for years and, if required, can take care of the entire cleaning process on site. The customer from the Gulf region particularly appreciates the good service provided by mycon GmbH for process optimization, especially for the customer’s processes.

mycon expands the application possibilities for the TubeMaster process so that inner tube surfaces can be additionally polished exactly as required. This makes longer cleaning intervals, shorter cleaning times and the possibility of the production increment.

In addition, mycon also offers the TubeMaster process as an automated system, which is tailored exactly to the respective requirements of the customer.