Aventics PE5 sensor from Emerson measures system losses

09 April 2019

The new Aventics PE5 pressure sensor from Emerson measures systems losses and will alert when the leakage rate exceeds a predetermined value. This enables excessive leaks to be diagnosed early and addressed before they become a major issue. The sensor has two digital or one digital and one analog output. An IO-Link connection makes it simple to connect to an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network. The sensor can be fitted on new installations or easily added to an existing machine.

Aventics PE5 sensor

When the machine is switched off, the Aventics PE5 sensor measures pressure loss over time. If the pressure drops faster than desired, a local alert is set and a signal can be sent via the analog or digital outputs. The local alert consists of a change in display color from green to red. The analog output can be switched between a current or voltage signal, the user has full control over the set points.

Thus, the IO-Link connection offers additional set up and diagnostic options. The local display also shows how much faster the pressure has dropped than expected.