CodeMeter Cloud: An ultimate cloud licensing technology

12 April 2019

Wibu-Systems has developed a CodeMeter Cloud, with extreme security, utmost scalability, high performance, complete interoperability, and maximum flexibility as its identifying traits.

CodeMeter Cloud solution

The CodeMeter Cloud solution comes with access to a highly secure server in the cloud, operated by Wibu-Systems. Licenses for the software, protected with CodeMeter Protection Suite using an array of encryption and authenticity tools, can be created and delivered through CodeMeter License Central, the cloud-based database derived solution for license creation, deployment, and management. Thus, all connectors that interface ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems with CodeMeter License Central are also available with CodeMeter Cloud and can streamline license administration tasks within the back-office workflows. Licenses are stored in CmCloudContainers, special containers that remain on the CodeMeter Cloud server. As such, users can access them from anywhere without the need for local containers.

To do so, CmCloudContainers are protected by encrypted credentials that are saved locally, and that are checked against the cryptographic keys stored in the cloud and used to verify the license’s validity.