Cyberhawk signs a global teaming agreement with JZHC

17 April 2019

Cyberhawk, a world leader in drone inspection technologies and visualization software for UAV data, has signed a global teaming agreement with John Zink Hamworthy Combustion (JZHC), a world-leading authority on flares, burners and emissions control and a pioneer in smart combustion solutions.

UAV data

Cyberhawk will be supporting JZHC with aerial inspections of industrial assets and comprehensive inspection reporting worldwide. JZHC and Cyberhawk inspection engineers will collaborate to analyze and assess all integrity aspects of UAV flare inspection data, with JZHC providing operational, remediation and/or replacement recommendations. A complete and comprehensive report will be presented to the customer following each inspection.

Cyberhawk has teamed-up with JZHC to provide expert analysis of flare inspection imagery. JZHC’s decades of experience in flare solutions will enhance Cyberhawk’s already world-class inspection reports. In many cases, the inspection imagery can indicate operational anomalies. By analyzing Cyberhawk’s imagery, JZHC may be able to identify and recommend proactive actions to mitigate operational issues before they result in punitive regulatory action.