KazTransOil ensures safe oil transportation to PKOP

10 July 2019

Specialists of the Shymkent oil pipeline Management Department of "KazTransOil" JSC carried out repairs on the section of the Pavlodar-Shymkent pipeline, which delivers crude oil to the Shymkent Refinery (PKOP). Timely repair ensures reliable and safe operation of the pipeline and minimizes the risks of environmental damage at the section of the main oil pipeline.

Oil transportation

The Company specialists with their own resources carried out work on cutting dents at 1,464.864 km, 1,467.998 km, 1,467.663 km and 1,489.665 km of the main oil pipeline “Pavlodar-Shymkent”.

The main oil pipeline "Pavlodar-Shymkent" with total 1,640.4 km length was commissioned in 1983. It crosses the territory of Pavlodar, Karaganda and Turkestan oblasts.