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Kenneth Kirkham, Principal Engineer, E²G| The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.

Mr. Kirkham has spent his entire career in the petrochemical, refining, and oil and gas industries as a materials/corrosion engineer. He has a broad range of expertise, including materials selection, process, corrosion, utilities corrosion, failure analysis, metallurgy, welding, coatings, and non-metallic materials. He has a thorough understanding of industry standards related to materials, welding, piping, fired heaters, tanks, and pressure vessels. Additionally, he has contributed to process safety management by supporting various mechanical integrity initiatives, serving on incident investigation teams, supporting fitness-for-service SMEs, and contributing to inspection management systems.

Mr. Kirkham spent eleven years as a Materials Engineer for Chevron, nine years as a Materials Engineer/Advisor for ARCO Chemical, and fifteen years as a Materials Engineer/ Advisor for Lyondell Chemical. While at ARCO Chemical, he contributed to the start-up of the fitness-for-service process. He created annotated alloy diagrams that linked damage mechanisms to the process conditions that were later used for RBI analysis. He joined The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. as a Principal Engineer in their Materials and Corrosion group in 2014. He has primarily performed damage mechanism reviews to support client mechanical integrity initiatives including CCDs, IOWs and RBI.

In February 2017, Stainless Steel World Americas conducted an End-user Interview with the current Managing Aging Plants Conference Chairman, Mr. Kenneth Kirkham. He shared with us some of his experiences as a Materials and Corrosion Engineer in the petrochemical, refining, and oil & gas industries over the past 37 years. He filled us in about his career history, what a typical working day is like, and the types of corrosion resistant alloys he has worked with in different sectors. To read the full article and to learn more about Kenneth and his many experiences in the industry please click the link below!

Interview with Mr Kirkham
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