Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo 2017

Date: 22–23 May 2017
Venue: Messe Düsseldorf Congress Center – Düsseldorf, Germany.

The challenges posed by an aging plant cannot be seen in isolation as a simple economic equation balancing profit and loss to risk and safety; the situation is far more complex. Many of today’s managers do not have the academic background or the detailed engineering knowledge at their fingertips, which is essential to make the correct budgeting and strategy plans and keep facilities not only economically viable, but also productive and safe.

Similarly, many companies no longer have the skills and competencies in-house to tackle the problems that can be posed by an aging plant. When knowledge is not immediately at hand, being able to ask the right questions is vital. The aim of the event in Düsseldorf is to help industry professionals in ensuring facilities continue to compete successfully in the long-term.

International knowledge platform
The Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo 2017 offers an international platform for industry professionals to update their knowledge and share experiences. Key issues, trends and technologies will be addressed in the two-day Conference that is paralleled by an Exposition.

The complexities of managing aging plants will be discussed in plenary sessions, paper presentations, and workshops, supplemented with question and answer sessions that provide an excellent opportunity to exchange different viewpoints and gain a broader perspective to make the right solutions.

The focus will be on specific challenges that are posed by chemical, petrochemical, refinery, and gas facilities – from a European and global perspective – to better equip participants for understanding the nature of the tasks ahead.

The conference enjoys strong participation from end-users, engineering companies, suppliers, notified bodies and governments with a clear emphasis on applications and practical experiences. In addition to sharing experiences, the event offers a platform where knowledge about the complexities of managing aging plants can be shared; knowledge that facilitates the development of strategies that ensure that aging plants remain both profitable and safe. 
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