Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo Japan 2021


Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo Japan 2021  

The Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo Japan 2021 was held virtually in Tokyo, Japan, February 18 & 19th.  

The purpose of the conference, and that of the International Steering Committee who put the event together was to provide a platform so that participants could not only gain a better understanding of the challenges and problems which they face in ensuring safe and sustainable operations in their plants for now and the future, but also to create a general awareness about the complexities of managing aging plants by sharing knowledge and experiences. These goals were achieved through lectures and discussions and by helping those who signed up to gain a better understanding of such important topics as plant maintenance & plant management, risks that can occur in obsolete plants, diagnostics, IoT, and smart maintenance. 

The themes proved to be of special interest to technical staff and managers in production, consulting, and engineering companies; suppliers and manufacturers; maintenance and inspection service organizations; and executive decision-makers within these companies and bodies. 

The event was sponsored by JGC and Schmidt+Clemens and supported by the Japan Petroleum Institute, the Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance, the Japan Valve Manufacturers’ Association, World Class Maintenance, and its knowledge partners were the Materials Technology Institute (MTI).  

Each of the two days of the conference program began with a whole series of dynamic lectures on a broad spectrum of topics. On the first day, for example, the Management of Aging Plants and International Competitiveness, with a Focus on Refineries, Petrochemical, and Power Plants was discussed by Takeo Kikkawa of the International University of Japan. This was followed by lectures on The Perspectives of an Overseas Company towards Managing Aging Plants by Togar Manurung of Bonifacius Azis, Pertamina, Indonesia, and Approaches and Challenges in Preventing Deteriorations and Improving Mechanical Availability in Aging Plants by Katsunobu Haseqawa of Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.  

On another note, Business Models towards Smart Maintenance were addressed by two presenters – Toshiyuki Shibuya of the Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Japan, and Professor Henk Akkermans of the World Class Maintenance Foundation and Tilburg University in The Netherlands. The Experiences of an Engineering Company towards Managing Aging Plants was addressed by Wataru Nishiyama of the JCG Corporation, Japan, whilst Colin Frazier of the American Petroleum Institute addressed Pipeline Safety Management and Systems Assessment in Aging Plants. Day one was rounded off with several case studies regarding Aging Plants from Schmidt+Clemens, German,y and the Asahi Kasai Corporation of Japan.  

Day two kicked of with overseas presentations on Stress Corrosion in Clad Pressure Vessels, Raymond Cordewener, The Netherlands; Assessing the Corrosion Integrity of Stainless Steel Infrastructures from Dirk Engelberg of the University of Manchester, UK; and Weld Repairs for Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys by Gary Coates of the Nickel Institute, Canada. These were followed by two sessions dealing with methods used in solving a whole series of problems like: corrosion inspection in pipeline rack junctions, aging valves, corrosion under insulation, vibrational trend management for rotary machines, and diagnosis technologies for managing rotary equipment. The day was rounded off with a panel session whereby participants could pose their own queries and problems about managing aging plants to a group of international panel experts.  

Certainly, the live stream attracted participants from around the world. All sessions and discussions were held simultaneously in both Japanese and English and these went very smoothly so that participants were able to benefit from knowledge and experience across what would normally have been difficult language barriers.  

For further information about the Managing Aging Plants World 2021Conference & the online Expo, please contact Ms Kiyo Ichikawa (Conference Organizer) at email or tel. +31-575-789-260. 


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