Sinochem use ISOALKY™ technology to produce motor fuels

07 May 2019

Honeywell UOP has announced recently that Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. will use Honeywell UOP's ISOALKY™ ionic liquids alkylation technology to produce cleaner-burning motor fuels at its refinery complex in China.

ISOALKY™ technology
Source: Honeywell UOP

ISOALKY technology uses ionic liquids instead of conventional hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids as a catalyst to produce alkylate, a critical component for making high-octane motor fuels.

ISOALKY technology can be used in new refineries, as well as in existing facilities undergoing capital improvements. Alkylation units add high-octane hydrocarbons to gasoline, helping prevent knocking in an engine while helping the fuel to burn with fewer exhaust particulates.

The technology was proven in a demonstration unit at Chevron's Salt Lake City refinery, where it operated successfully for five years, and where Chevron is currently converting its hydrofluoric acid alkylation unit to the new technology.

The technology also can produce alkylate from a wider range of feedstocks using a lower volume of catalyst. Operating at temperatures below 100 °C, the liquid catalyst has a negligible vapor pressure and can be regenerated on-site.