SMS upgrades walking beam furnace at Sidenor

10 May 2019

Sidenor Basauri, Spain, trusts in SMS group for the stage-2 upgrade of its walking beam furnace, which will increase the furnace’s capacity from currently 85 tons per hour to 130 tons per hour. Supplied by SMS group in 2016, the furnace was originally designed with the provision for a future capacity increase. In the design phase, the SMS engineers had already taken into consideration all civil and mechanical modifications required for the future capacity boost in order to guarantee a short plant shut down and a fast restart. The second start-up after the upgrade is scheduled for the H2 of 2020.

Furnace’s capacity

The furnace can reheat special steel blooms in sections between 185 and 240 mm2. Its state-of-the-art technology will ensure low levels of fuel consumption, scale formation, and decarburization, helping Sidenor to consolidate its benchmark position in SBQ production. SMS group’s range of supply for the upgrade will include new steel structures with a set of SMS ZeroFlame extra-low NOx burners, which had already been included in stage 1 providing pollutant emissions of less than 100 mg/Nm3 at 1,250 °C, meeting the most stringent of European guidelines.