ABB & Mälarenergi provide Västerås a sustainable future

16 May 2019

ABB and Swedish utility Mälarenergi provide Västerås more efficient and stable power and heating.

power and heating

From designing eco-friendly motors and drives to offering innovative e-mobility solutions, for decades ABB has been at the heart of energy efficiency and sustainability, constantly working to make it possible to run the world without consuming the earth.

In its latest endeavor to move towards a low-carbon future, ABB helped Mälarenergi to increase the efficiency of its waste-to-energy plant, ensuring constant power and heat supply for the city of Västerås in Sweden.

The project is part of a city-wide pilot to prepare Västerås for a smart future with the help of ABB Ability™, ABB’s cross-industry digital offering and advanced analytical capabilities. It is an important example of ABB’s holistic approach to building smart cities. With ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations – a digital services platform for customer collaboration – for example, Västerås gets cleaner water and reduces the loss of drinking water through pipe leakage.