Terra Drone’s opens new branches for Oil & Gas sector

03 June 2019

Terra Drone Corporation, one of the largest providers of industrial drone services with more than 500 employees all over the world, is on a global expansion spree. Reacting to the high demand from the oil and gas industry, the Japan-based drone company has opened new branches in Angola and Argentina in May of this year to reinforce the company’s commitment to the oil and gas sector.

Terra Drone’s opens new branches

Terra Drone’s expertise in drone-based flare inspection, thermal analysis, thermal leak detection, gas detection, and structural inspection allows it to provide high-quality data to oil and gas companies at a low cost. A major advantage of using drones for the oil and gas industry is that unmanned technologies eliminate the need for any scaffolding and rope access or even costly shutdown of process plants.

In Angola, Terra Drone has already won multiple contracts from major oil and gas companies of West Africa. With the economy of Angola growing rapidly, the demand for surveying and the inspection of oil and gas facilities is on a rise. Terra Drone Angola’s offshore inspection expertise, drone technologies, and extensive local knowledge will help it in further expanding its customer base.

In Argentina, Terra Drone joined forces with GPower to jointly establish Terra Drone Argentina, specializing in pipeline inspections and maintenance and with a heavy focus on midstream processing.