Wood and NERA announce a new funding partnership

05 June 2019

Wood and NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) are pleased to announce a new funding partnership arrangement led by Wood, in collaboration with the University of Western Australia (UWA), to support the development of an online hydrate blockage prediction model for operating gas condensate systems.

New funding partnership

Commencing in June as part of the ‘Long Subsea Tie-back’ project, Wood will integrate UWA’s mechanistic hydrate model into its operational online Virtuoso software package. This will allow operators for the first time ever to calculate in real time the operational risk of a hydrate blockage in their assets both now and into the future, considerably reducing operational uncertainties.

This programme builds on the Wood-led Transforming Australia Subsea Equipment Reliability (TASER) project which leveraged NERA funding and industry connections to focus on sharing knowledge to improve subsea equipment design and reduce costly and time-consuming associated with equipment that is failing prematurely.

Wood intends to deliver a fully integrated commercially available version of Virtuoso with the UWA Hydrate Mechanistic model by October 2019.