TWTG with Vopak increase safety of storage terminals

16 July 2019

Dutch tank storage company Vopak has teamed up with I-IoT company TWTG to increase the efficiency and safety of its storage terminals worldwide, the first pilot of TWTG Valve Sensors are installed in the Port of Rotterdam.

Storage terminal

Vopak has a total of 68 terminals, and more than 250,000 valves in different variations. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain existing processes and procedures, hence all solutions are designed to be retrofittable and ATEX-certified.

In the first instance, TWTG will work on fitting dedicated I-IoT sensors on existing valves of large pipes. This will bring a greater certainty on the status of the infrastructure (i.e. spillage prevention) and therefore increase the safety for Vopak’s workforce.

TWTG Valve Sensors are ATEX zone 1 and IECEx certified, and are engineered to the extensive reliability demands in daily operations for industrial use cases.

The products use LoRa Wan networking architecture which is installed on-site and is specifically designed by TWTG for industrial sites globally. The network is configured to ensure cyber security by preventing the method of external access.