TWI develops HTHA test rig

14 August 2019

TWI has passed a milestone towards developing a test rig capable of simulating high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) in a full-scale pipe and monitoring the evolution of damage during the test. HTHA is an insidious form of damage that has severely affected the downstream oil and gas industry in particular, but also other industries.

HTHA test rig

Following on from the work done for the HSE, TWI started an R&D work programme to improve understanding of the HTHA mechanism in carbon steels, which are considered to be particularly susceptible. The current regulatory guidance to the industry is to remove this material from service at every opportunity and to improve its management as a matter of urgency. Inspection is a key part of any management strategy and the renewed focus on HTHA has spurred on the development of new technologies.

The technology and capability being generated for inspection and monitoring will improve the detection and management of many critical damage types in a number of industries.