thyssenkrupp expands the use of digital platform “toii”

10 September 2019

In 2017, thyssenkrupp Materials Services began to digitally connect its machinery network, using their self-developed IIoT platform toii. Now that the product has successfully proven its value, thyssenkrupp plans to make the potential of digital networking available to other industrial companies in the future.

Machinery network

The name toii refers to two things: on the one hand, it turns around the abbreviation IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), on the other hand, the name is pronounced like the word toy, calling to mind fun things. In that regard, toii makes it easy to connect machines of different generations and also allows connections between machines and IT systems - across locations worldwide. The goal is to make the production processes transparent, thus increasing quality and performance and at the same time automating more and more processes.

Although Materials Services developed toii especially for its own requirements, the platform can be easily integrated into the processes of other companies. With the "Materials as a Service" approach, the largest materials dealer in the western world not only guarantees access to global supply markets but also passes on its knowledge to its customers.

Image Source: thyssenkrupp