Wearable tech provides safety in oilfield operations

20 September 2019

Oil and gas companies are evaluating the possibilities of deploying wearable devices in day-to-day operations to improve safety and efficiency in oilfield operations, says GlobalData.

GlobalData’s latest thematic report, ‘Wearable Tech in Oil & Gas’, states that wearable devices can augment natural human capabilities, such as enhanced vision or smell, thereby adding to productivity and safety in oil field operations. These features of wearable tech are encouraging oil and gas companies to adopt helmets, smart glasses, wristbands, and other devices that incorporate technologies such as wireless connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

Oilfield operations

Wearable devices are also designed to provide safety to field staff by monitoring the wearer’s health condition, alerting them from exposure to potential hazards and also providing access to live locations of workers to the onshore support team. This, in turn, provides a sense of security among the workers and increases productivity.