Emerson develops a portfolio of operational analytics

07 October 2019

Following years of strategic investment and innovation, Emerson has developed the industry’s most comprehensive operational analytics portfolio—Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, delivering actionable insights to address industrial manufacturers’ most pressing operational challenges.

Emerson develops a portfolio of operational analytics

Emerson’s portfolio of operational analytics focuses on the greatest source of value for industrial manufacturers – the production itself. Operational analytics with embedded domain knowledge can impact and improve the performance of simple equipment, complex assets and process units, and entire production plants.

Additionally, Emerson’s enhanced portfolio includes machine learning and artificial intelligence that can be used to identify new discoveries and deepen insight to impact business performance. These tools provide perspective previously unattainable with traditional analytics.

Emerson’s portfolio now provides both pre-packaged analytics solutions as well as a complete analytics toolbox for users to develop their own applications. This portfolio is supported by Emerson’s Operational Certainty consulting practice and robust data management capabilities that provide a foundation for analytics success.