Husky receives approval to rebuild Superior Refinery

08 October 2019

Husky Energy continues to make steady progress towards a return to full operations at the Superior Refinery.

The Company has received the required permit approvals to begin reconstruction activities at the site and work is expected to begin immediately. Demolition of damaged equipment resulting from a fire in April of 2018 is now largely complete and the rebuild will take place over the next two years with an expected return to full operations in 2021.

Husky receives approval to rebuild Superior Refinery

Key features of the rebuild project: (1) The modernized refinery will feature Best Available Control Technology, which incorporates advances in technology and efficiencies from across the refining industry. (2) The facility will be more energy-efficient, in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations. (3) The refinery is expected to run in a continuous mode averaging 45,000 barrels per day (bbls/day). (4) The refinery will produce a full slate of products, enhancing Husky’s ability to service the U.S. Midwest market.

Once the refinery is fully ramped up, Husky’s overall downstream throughput capacity is expected to be approximately 400,000 bbls/day.

Image Source: Husky Energy