VUV introduces VHA™ for VUV Analyzer™ Platform

24 October 2019

VUV Analyzer™ Platform

VUV Analytics, Inc., pioneers in Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Spectroscopy announced recently the introduction of a new application for their VUV Analyzer™ Platform — Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis™. VHA is an alternative to traditional approaches to Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA).

Traditional approaches to Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis can take as long as three hours to acquire data followed by intense manual review of the data to ensure accuracy. Both the length of the analysis and the degree of human intervention in the data analysis is a significant pain point for many laboratories. Since DHA uses a traditional retention time approach, it is important that all compounds of interest are baseline resolved and correctly identified. VHA changes this because data is acquired in three dimensions. Since a compound’s unique spectral fingerprint is used for identification, the need for good baseline resolution is not required which also allows run times to be dramatically shorter – a typical VHA run is 49 minutes. Data analysis with VHA is simplified and automated with VUV Analyze™ Software. This advanced analytics software package automatically analyzes VHA data, deconvolves coeluting compounds and provides detailed quantitative results.