Rezatec MeterSYS supply hi-tech solutions for utilities

07 February 2020

Pipeline risk assessment

Rezatec has partnered with MeterSYS, a smart cities solutions provider in the water market, to provide utilities with advanced, hi-tech solutions, including Rezatec’s pipeline risk assessment, across the United States.

MeterSYS provides best-in-class smart technology solutions for utilities of all sizes, aiming to help utility decision-makers access critical information and insights to improve operations, reduce infrastructure risks, and enhance customer service quality. MeterSYS brings solutions that leverage intelligent sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as geo analytics, so utilities have a better understanding of the real-time condition of their aging water infrastructure, and tools to help them improve their repair and replacement programs.

Rezatec’s pipeline risk assessment solution, combines satellite data with machine learning techniques, to produce likelihood and consequence of failure risk maps, identifying areas of the network at the highest risk of critical failure.

Not only does the partnership help to save on the cost sensors (due to not blindly blanketing the network), but also to optimize the use of those installed.

Image Source: Rezatec