Honeywell launches Thermal IQ Optimize

11 February 2020

Honeywell recently strengthened the capabilities of its Thermal IQ™ platform with the launch of Thermal IQ Optimize, an enterprise-level remote monitoring solution. The new offering provides users with real-time analytics and fault modeling with early event detection at plant, equipment and process level to keep thermal process equipment running safely, efficiently and effectively.

Thermal IQ Optimize extracts data from combustion equipment and thermal processes across the enterprise providing a clear, high-level view of thermal process performance through visual analytics. The asset performance management platform then allows users to drill down into the data of individual assets for an in-depth analysis, enabling them to quickly and easily identify anomalies in equipment function or processes, and determine their impact on enterprise efficiency.

Thermal IQ Optimize offers a superior level of cyberprotection. It uses cybersecurity best practices and the latest security techniques to mitigate threats and ensure that communication channels are strictly controlled.