DNV GL introduces a new RP to address major safety

27 March 2020

Corrosion under insulation

A new methodology designed to address the major safety threat and multi-billion-dollar cost posed by corrosion under insulation (CUI) has been published by DNV GL.

CUI, a type of corrosion that arises when water becomes trapped between the insulation and the piping and vessels it is designed to protect, has contributed to more than 20% of all major oil and gas accidents in the EU alone over the past 35 years. DNV GL’s industry-first methodology helps integrity engineers and plant managers to identify the areas of a plant with the greatest current and future risk of CUI and take action to prevent failures. 

Recommended Practice (RP) DNVGL-RP-G109 was developed in collaboration with several regulatory bodies, international oil and gas operators and major players in the supply chain to deliver a practical and cost-effective methodology for managing the threat of CUI and is setting a new standard for managing CUI risk.

DNV GL has also developed a digital tool to support the implementation and use of its methodology. According to estimations, the tool can reduce the cost of CUI-related maintenance by up to 50%.