ABB secures first place in EPO’s list in 2019

27 March 2020

European Patent Office

ABB has secured the first place among Swiss companies in the European Patent Office’s (EPO) list of patent applicants in 2019. 

The annual list is published by the EPO in Munich, Germany, and highlights the companies and countries with the largest number of patents in Europe.

The majority of patents applied for by ABB in 2019 are geared towards increased sustainability by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy and operations efficiency. Close to 60% of ABB’s global revenues already come from solutions that protect the environment and combat global warming. Ongoing research and development will support ABB’s efforts to increase this percentage even further in 2020.

Technology and innovation play a crucial role for ABB. In 2019, ABB increased its investments in research and development by 4.4% to USD 1.2bn, or 4.3% of annual revenues. The company employs some 7,000 researchers globally.