Bilfinger’s solution for virtual industrial services

15 May 2020

Augmented reality glasses

Many industrial plant operators are currently limiting access to their facilities to protect both their employees and service providers. To ensure that these industrial plants can operate with reduced on-site personnel, Bilfinger is offering two solutions for "virtual" industrial services: The secure access to systems for controlling and monitoring production from any computer with an Internet connection as well as the connection of experts at other locations for on-site maintenance tasks using augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH uses AR glasses when special knowledge is required for certain maintenance or repair tasks. Instead of sending the expert to the relevant location, he can connect to a colleague already on site via software. If necessary, he can use a screen to display additional information on maintenance or repair in his colleague's field of vision. The colleague on site has his hands free and can carry out the repair or maintenance.

Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH also offers another solution for plant operation with reduced on-site personnel. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, customers can log into the plant systems as though they were on site themselves.