Wood adopts Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity

18 May 2020

Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity

Honeywell announced that Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity is being adopted by Wood. The connected worker solution enabled by Honeywell Forge helps improve decision-making, boost productivity and enhance safety for industrial workers.

Using hands-free devices and leveraging technology such as augmented reality, Honeywell Connected Worker’s intelligent wearables combine a heads-up display and voice control with sophisticated workflow software and deep integration of plant and process data. Honeywell is working with Wood to equip its frontline workforce in the energy industry with instant access to the crucial knowledge and information needed to streamline operations, ensure uptime and enable business continuity.

To date, the technology has been successfully deployed on offshore rigs in the UK North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and on Alaska’s North Slope as well as at onshore processing facilities in the U.K., U.S., Canada and the Middle East. Positive technology impacts range from accelerated issue resolution to reduced shutdown time and decreased exposure to hazardous environments.