TTC launches a plant diagnosics service

20 May 2020

3D laser scanner

Tokai Techno Co., Ltd. (TTC) announced that it will start a holistic plant diagnosics service with a FARO 3D laser scanner. By using it, clients can obtain drawings which take into account the latest conditions. Based on the drawings, the subsequent service will include diagnosics, maintenance, and repairs within the plant.

The process is simple. The first step is to 'shoot' the plant with the scanner. An average of 20~30 shots per day is the norm, and this concludes all the on-site processes. The maximum scaling deviation is within +/-1 mm per 10 m. To minimize the deviation, it is common to 'shoot objects' by 5 m space intervals although the laser range is 150 m. Then, the data is brought back to the office for the modeling process by CAD, which leads to the production of 2D and 3D drawings.

The service has already received many inquiries from chemical, food process, and medical plants. TTC provides a one-stop service, which includes scanning, drawing, diagnosics, and repairs.

TTC is based on Shizuoka, Japan, and it primarily provides service for local companies and plants. However, it has the capability to work jointly with multinational companies who plan to enter the Japanese market with innovative technologies. Aging plants and managing them with sound ROI is, and continue to be, a critical issue not only for plant managing entities but also for society. With a 74-year history in manufacturing, focused on plant management, TTC now further enhances its service quality with 3D laser scanning technology to produce a new competitive market force.