Victor launches Edge 2.0 ESS32 PFH-580 regulator

22 May 2020

ESS32 PFH-580 regulator

Victor® has launched its improved EDGE™ 2.0 ESS32 PFH-580 pressure/flow hybrid regulator. The new design allows for significantly higher flow performance during pressure testing, resulting in systems that pressurize much faster and improve productivity. Designed for three common HVAC applications — brazing, purging, and pressure testing — the EDGE 2.0 PFH-580 combines flow and pressure regulation functions in a single device.

Victor designed the newly patented dual-stage gas flow orifice. The first stage orifice enables lower flow rates. When the flow rate applies sufficient backpressure, it pushes open the first stage orifice poppet, which then allows gas flow to bypass the smaller first stage orifice and flow through a larger, second stage orifice at higher flow rates and pressures.

The new design adds a flow bypass to the dual-stage mechanism, which opens once the regulator enters the pressure test range. As a result, flow in the second-generation design offers an approximately 500 to 1000% increase in flow over the original design.

The EDGE 2.0 PFH-580 regulator provides adjustability between 3 – 6 CFH for using nitrogen as a backing gas when brazing; 20 – 50 CFH for nitrogen purge applications; and 200 – 800 psi to conduct pressure tests.