AMETEK launches Preventative Maintenance Service

25 May 2020

Preventative Maintenance Service

AMETEK Surface Vision, the provider of automated online surface inspection solutions, has launched a new Preventative Maintenance Service to monitor and maintain inspection systems remotely during normal operation.

Designed to assist with inspection system maintenance, the service helps reduce operator costs and ensure that system performance remains at an optimum level, allowing work to be scheduled in advance, rather than waiting for problems to occur.

A systems specialist will check the system at regular intervals, then send a report highlighting maintenance issues, potential problems, and recommended solutions.

This means action can be taken before serious problems – including equipment failure – arise, with significant benefits, including reduced system downtime, fewer part failures, less maintenance time, and consistent inspection performance.

In addition, the latest software settings for the system will be backed up for fast recovery in case of a PC failure. The Preventative Maintenance Service is offered at fixed intervals of one month or three months and requires no downtime of the inspection systems or production line.