Namaka ready to Bridge the Skills and Suppliers Gaps

27 May 2020

Skills and Suppliers Gaps

Namaka Compliance will deliver a variety of services through the entire spectrum of the energy industry, which entails of Training, Competency, Compliance and it is real USP the Local Content programme which is a blended training programme called Bridging the Skills Gaps.

Bridging the Skills Gaps is aimed at emerging markets within Africa & South America as there is the potential for local nationals to be involved with establishing their new market infrastructures.

Namaka Compliance has developed a programme that involves local nationals being assessed by a 3-phase operation to ensure that they are not only trained but competent. Bridging the Skills Gap can be run from several people to several hundred in an area that will be conducive to enhance learning, whilst transferring skills from expatriates to local nationals.

In addition to this Namaka Compliance also have the capability to upskill local companies through their programme called Bridging the Suppliers Gaps, to ensure that they can supply to international companies, as throughout the world prior to working for international companies they want to have an assurance that the company operates to international standards such as 9001, 14001, 45001.