Omsk installs water treatment systems at Biosphere site

25 June 2020

Water treatment systems

The Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery has begun installing flotation treatment systems at the site of its future “Biosphere” biological treatment facilities, currently under construction. The biosphere will increase the efficiency of water treatments to 99.99%, reducing demands on local city wastewater treatment plants. The unique environmental Biosphere project forms part of the Omsk Refinery’s full-scale development programme, itself part of the holistic federal “Clean Air” project, part of the national “Ecology” programme. The company’s total investments in the project stand at RUB 19bn. Construction works are expected to be completed in 2021.

The flotation system forms part of the multi-stage water treatment process to be offered by the Biosphere, with all industrial effluents and storm drainage from the plant passing through mechanical, flotation and biological treatment facilities, as well as membrane and charcoal filters, in turn. Thanks to the technology in the Biosphere, reusing this purified water will allow the Omsk Refinery to make a 2.5-fold reduction in its water consumption.

Installation of the disinfection and biological treatment units remains ongoing.