INA rely on Sulzer to construct new column for its CDU

29 June 2020

Crude distillation unit

Once distillation columns reach the end of their useful lives, it is important for plant managers to find new, suitable replacements. When INA – Industrija nafte, d.d., a Croatian oil and gas company, needed a new column for its crude distillation unit (CDU), it chose to rely on Sulzer GTC’s expertise. 

INA wanted to increase its competitiveness by constructing a new column for its CDU that could meet the existing capacity and throughput needs while also supporting future modifications of the entire tower itself to increase productivity. More precisely, the refinery wanted its column to reach a capacity of 600 tonnes/hour.

To develop a suitable system, INA contacted Sulzer GTC, which is part of Sulzer Chemtech. In particular, Sulzer GTC’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCm) group focuses on managing all the tasks involved with all the different phases of mass transfer projects. In addition, the company is able to deliver and install the new fractionation column, including the internals and various outside accessories. Furthermore, Sulzer GTC supported INA by preparing the documentation necessary to obtain building permits and by conducting a number of on-site technical services.