GE announces completion of inspection project in China

01 July 2020

Baochang Power Plant

GE announced the safe and successful completion of its first major inspection project in China since the COVID-19 outbreak at Shenzhen Baochang Power Supply Co., Ltd.’s Baochang Power Plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The project addressed the aging parts of the two gas turbine units, which power the 360-megawatt plant. GE and Shenzhen Baochang worked together to implement safety procedures to ensure the timely and safe completion of the outage at the site. 

This modernization involved a lot of lifting work and represents the most complex and comprehensive inspection and repair project for GE’s 9E gas turbine in China. It also is the most complete inspection of the gas turbine, through overhaul and necessary replacement for all detachable parts, which made up more than 300 items — including the large axial, rotor, hot gas path, compressor, combustion, air inlet system and other parts of the gas turbine.

The initial schedule was for 35 days but was extended to 69 days due to the customer’s expanded work scope and the 14-day quarantine before the project commenced.