ABLIC launches S-576Z R Series of ZCL™ Hall Effect ICs

03 July 2020

S-576Z R Series

ABLIC Inc. launched the S-576Z R Series of Hall effect ICs for infrastructure equipment. The S-576Z R Series, a ZCL™ Hall effect IC (magnetic sensor) for infrastructure equipment, uses an innovative and detection methodology announced in October 2018. 

The new S-576Z R Series product significantly extends the operation temperature range of ABLIC’s previously released Hall effect ICs for general industrial equipment. It enables stable operation in harsh environments where the ambient temperature of the Hall effect IC can range from as low as −50°C to as high as +150°C. As the industry’s only surface-mount Hall effect IC for brushless DC motors that guarantees operation down to temperatures of -50°C, it is especially suitable for use in very cold climates.

The S-576Z R Series employs ZCL detection technology, developed by ABLIC—capable of minimizing fluctuations in output signal timing—to greatly enhance the stability of DC motor control.