About Managing Aging Plants Magazine

Managing Aging Plants magazine is a leading and authoritative publication devoted to extending the lifetime of production facilities long after that which was specified when the facility was originally designed and built. Its purpose is to provide a platform whereby professionals and specialists can communicate hands-on practical information, advice, and solution to the challenges faced by executives, managers and technical staff working in aging plants in order to help them not only in their everyday tasks of management but also with their future strategy planning for these plants. The ultimate goal being to ensure that these facilities continue to remain not only competitive and productive but also sustainable and safe.

The magazine is published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October and December,) by a skilled and knowledgeable editorial team who are aided in their tasks by a wide variety of industrial experts very much at home in the field of Managing Aging Plants. These experts will contribute to the issues through commentaries, columns, opinions, advice, technical and practical hands-on information and articles aimed at keeping the reader abreast of the latest ideas and news as well as useful solutions to tackling the many difficulties which aging plants pose. As such it has a strong end-user driven focus. The publication (in full colour, A4 format) has a variably targeted worldwide distribution per issue plus additional bonus distribution at many global industrial events. It provides a highly visible global communication platform for all those interested in this important topic.

Industries & Markets:

  • Chemical & Petrochemical;
  • Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore)
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Power Generation;
  • Pulp & Paper;
  • Refineries;
  • Nuclear


  • A4 format
  • English languages
  • 6 issues per year
  • Average circulation: 6000 copies


  • Subscription; Printed & Digital
  • Special Focus Issues to Target Audience
  • Global Events

More detailed information can be found in the Media Kit